adidas Ashington – Celebrating Bobby Charlton’s Hometown


Ashington is an unassuming town in the North East. I’ve never been there so I’m trusting the internet to tell me the truth here. With a population of less than 30,000 the town is a short 15 mile journey from Newcastle, a town where black and white is synonymous with football.

But while football is ingrained in these leather lovelies, it’s not the local team which inspired them, it’s a player more local to us here in Manchester. Bobby Charlton was born in Ashington almost 80 years ago and the adidas Ashington have been created to celebrate his legacy.

The only thing they’ve missed is making them laceless strapovers in honour of the famous combover sported by the World Cup winner.

See more at Oi Polloi. They go on sale tomorrow (Thursday) 8am.

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