adidas Côte SPZL

More famed for coats than Côtes, Oi Polloi are one of a select number of retailers to have limited stocks of the new Spezial stuff. It goes live on their website at a minute past midnight tonight. Dismiss it as hype if you like, but to do so would be a disservice to what a good job Gary Aspden and co have done on the collection.

A decade ago when this magazine began, it did so surrounded by at least 100 pairs of adidas, vintage and reissues. At that time, reissues were rarely on a par with the 70s and 80s shoes they were inspired by. Not now though. The whole collection is smashing. While we’ll be at the head of the cyber queue when the clock strikes 12.01am, it’s this new take on adidas Beach we’ll be buzzing off the most.

Well, them and the Lacombe. And the Hochelaga. And the 350.  Oh God, it’s started again.

Adidas-Spezial-160316-01-04 Adidas-Spezial-160316-01-03_1 Adidas-Spezial-160316-01-02

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