adidas Glitch Football Boots – Mirage Edition

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m starting to actually like some of these new football boots, with their mad patterns and laces which are conspicuous by their absence. It’s progress at the end of the day. Whether a rotund holding midfield of my advancing years could pull them off is another matter of course. I train 14 year olds on a weekly basis and most of them are now as tall as me and a fair bit quicker. Would a pair of contemporary boots replacing my old faithful all black Copa Mundials give me the edge? Maybe I’ll find out.

For now though, I’ll leave these zesty, cool and downright space age Glitch boots to the people whose skills and all round fitness will show them off properly.

Available in a number of combinations, you need to buy them via the app, which you can download the following ways.



Mark Smith

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