adidas Hamburg at Infinities

1410191417-43471800Gum sole, suede, city series. Timeless isn’t it? It must be, because it’s a formula that worked back in the day (TM) and evidently, it works now, because Infinities have got them in. And we’re writing about them.

The etymology of the city series isn’t something we need to go into. The fact you’re reading this probably means you know the score when it comes to this model. Its return coming in these three colourways adds a freshness, plus it also means you don’t have to spend ages scouring ebay, paying over the odds then worrying about your vintage trainers getting beer on them. You’ll probably be just as worried about ruining these though.

As is often the case with these, they don’t sell out straight away but when they’re gone their desirability shoots up several notches. I’ve seen it myself time and time again. It’s not about hype, queues outside shops, it’s just a classic shoe doing what a classic shoe does. Being dead good.

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