adidas Iniki Runner

It’s the time of the year when everyone dusts off their tennis bat (or whatever they’re called) and heads to the local park. At some point, your mate will utter the immortal line “You cannot be serious, you dick” and after realising you’re both really quite rubbish at tennis, you retire to a local hostelry whereupon you get smashed. That was a tennis pun.

The ideal footwear for that day out would be these new adidas Iniki. They’re like something a Japanese boy from a 1980s version of the future would wear, probably while chewing gum that contained all his daily nutrients.

So whether you’re knocking a fuzzy dunlop back and forth, slurping down a refreshing pint or pretending to be from Japan in the past, but also the future, then these are the ideal shoes. Get them now at Oi Polloi.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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