adidas München Go Gum Sole

Arguably the finest banner of all adidas innovations to sit under, the City Series keeps things relatively simple. Though many iterations feature, the really appealing ones for us are ostensibly a combo of gum-sole and striking suede. And the gum sole has to have the requisite percentage of opacity to be really appealing. They’ve not always got this bit right either, with fully opaque reissues sometimes in the past purporting to be ‘gum’ but they were fooling no-one.

Thankfully this latest celebration of a European city is a winner. The latest München celebrates the home of Oktoberfest and a really good football team called Bayern, amongst other things by taking inspo from the Japanese release of the early 80s. Some will forever associate the Bavarian capital with the chunky-soled version which bears the same name but for us, it’s gum and suede all the way.

Over at Aphrodite, they’ve just taken delivery of all three colourways and while we don’t look at this timeless shoe as much as we once did, these have got us twitching, drumming our fingers on the desk and going “They’re good these ones aren’t they?” roughly every 17 minutes. Make of that what you will.

Available here, now.

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