adidas Originals Archive 350 Suede – size?


Imagine if a pair of adidas Montreal went on a trip away, mainly to get over the break up of a 3 year relationship. Tokyo is the destination. Imagine a bit of a Lost in Translation-type vibe going on, lots of jetlag scenes, sitting at the bar. Then along comes this stunning young girl, shy, quiet. They hit it off. Turns out this girl is adidas too. She’s from the Gazelle family, though doesn’t like to talk about it. Plus, it’s the early 80s, and sports footwear is only in its burgeoning years. It’s not the boast it would become in later years.

Anyway, struck with the Montreal gets a bit of work teaching English as a foreign language, and with Gazelle smitten with him, she decides maybe she could stick around.

A whirlwind romance transpires and a year later, much to their surprise, it turns out Gazelle is in the family way. Naturally they were very excited. Who would it look like? What colour upper would it have? And the sole? What would they call it?

Nine months pass, a textbook pregnancy by all accounts. A mildly traumatic labour (aren’t they all!) eventually sees the arrival of this smart looking newborn sneaker. Dad’s good looks are there, but not overtly so. You can see Mum in there, and there’s even a strong hint of great Uncle Olympia. The 350 was born.

And now it’s back.

I’ve taken this as far as it’ll go haven’t I?

Look at the pictures. Do you like them? Buy them then, I’m not stopping you. They’re out tomorrow.

adidas-350s5145-1 adidas-350s5124 adidas-350s5087

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