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Our mates at Mundial have just tipped us the wink regarding a project they’ve been working on with our other mates at size? Oh, and our other mates behind adidas Spezial. It’s just one bloody big game of mates.

There’s no nepotistic back slapping and group ego massaging though, because these shoes really are tremendous. The Albrecht reputedly take their name from Bernard Sumner’s name before he changed it to Bernard Sumner. While the New Order frontman may not have fancied it, adidas Spezial obviously think it suits their Germanic roots and of course this trainer, the likes of which were popularised around the time New Order were first making waves.

I’ll not go into the etymology of the shoe, you can read that elsewhere, plus you probably already know it’s the result of a one night stand between the Sevilla and Gazelle OG.

There are out tomorrow. See more at size?

Read an interview with Spezial captain Gary Aspden here.

Albrecht-1 (1) (1) Albrecht-3 (1) (1) Albrecht-4 (1) (1)

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