adidas Originals California Football T-Shirt

Much is made of the vast lineage of football shirts these days. Back when I was a lad, and it was all fields round here, shirts were baggy and bold. It was probably a reaction to the previous decade, when everything was dead skinny and shorts barely covered your unmentionables.

No matter what era you look to though, there’s one brand who have created an archetype to which all other brands aspire. You know who that is don’t you? Course you do, it’s the brand with three stripes (or two if you’re Cruyff), adidas.

With football topical right now, it’s as good a time as any to share these two classic football shirts. If only clubs went for something like this these days. Ideally, with a bold sponsors logo and brutalist badge.

Maybe you should buy loads for your Sunday league team and add the rest yourself.

Get them from Infinities.

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