adidas Originals NMD Men’s Runner

For those who love the brand but are turned off by reissues, the NMD Men’s Runner is a welcome arrival. Out later this week, it promises to combine the Originals DNA with breakthrough technology, which sounds like a nice marriage doesn’t it?

Another impressive yet uncommon matchup sees Primeknit and BOOST technology partnering to provide arguably the true successor to the likes of the Micropacer, Rising Star or Boston Super.

Having got myself out of the habit of boxing, I recently decided to have a gentle jog. A mile later, my lungs were crying one of those pitiful ‘I feel dead sorry for myself’ cries and it all seemed too much like hard work. Then I remembered I’m not that unfit, I’ve just got rubbish lung disease (aka asthma). Once the airbags within my chest caught up with the rest of my body I surprised myself, and resolved to do more of this running lark. I mean, I’ve not actually done any more since then, but as I tell my Mrs every Valentines Day it’s the thought that counts.

Anyway, trainers. Get some.

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