adidas Originals ZX Flux ADV X Onix Grey

Imagine if you will, for a mere moment… Back to the Future 4. Set in Germany.

Considering the 3rd movie came out in about 1990, where better to set the fourth than Berlin just after the wall had fallen? Actually, hang on that doesn’t work. Marty would have to leave early 90s Germany wouldn’t he? Would he go into the past and get caught up in espionage, Deustchland ’83 style? Or would he fast forward to modern day Berlin and all it entails? Let’s imagine for a moment it’s the latter. You couldn’t have him bouncing about Mitte in swooshy sneaks. It could only be three stripes, albeit a little more subtle. What am I talking about?

You’re looking at them.

I know it’s Monday morning but you see where I’m coming from don’t you?

Get them at Infinities.

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Mark Smith

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