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You know when you were a kid and sport meant more than sitting on FIFA or watching MOTD? Remember when you thought nothing of playing a game of table tennis or better still the rather fey pursuit of badmington? Yeah, that’s right BAD-MING-TON. That’s what people called it at our school and I felt duty bound to join in even though I knew it was the wrong way to say it.

Anyway, these are the sort of shoes I’d willingly wear these days but back then perhaps less so. The know-all (aka know-nowt) version of me would have dismissed them as teachers shoes or maybe something a bad ming (geddit?) would wear.

Not anymore. Pure holiday steez these. I’m looking forward to hopping, skipping and jumping along a med-prom in these, slurping on a solero and generally looking exceptionally pleased with myself. Giving off the air that I’ve just won a tenner on a lottery ticket or managed to do a holiday toilet visit without discomfort. I could end on a racket-based pun but I won’t, because everyone writes using puns now don’t they?

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