adidas Torsion Super Trainers – Three Stripes for Likes

AI is here and we may as well be mates with it. After all, it’s not going away, and we probably need to learn from it as much as it learns from us. That said, it’s not easy to get along with. Anyone who posts content on Instagram regularly will be aware the algorithm is a temperamental bugger at the best of times. Even when we post stuff that’s clearly going to be of interest to our followers, the algorithm tuts, narrows its eyes and goes “Nah”. And it never explains why. As a result, sometimes, the best stuff isn’t seen by the people who want to see it and Instagram isn’t bothered.

That’s what makes this here website a more democratic and less cynical feast of clothing and footwear. And yet, we will still post these on Instagram because they’re adidas and if anything is guaranteed to get some sort of attention with our captive audience, it’s adidas footwear.

While New Balance have muscled their way to the top table in recent years, and the saturation point of suede/gum sole casual trainers has long since broken the scales, in their Adventure and Torsion lines are something a bit more active, outdoor and technical, without pretending to be fit for the London Marathon.

This is the adidas we’re into at Proper and even if some robot at Meta called Alan Gorithm doesn’t like them, we do. So there.

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