Admiral teams up with with Greek club Volos FC

I had a proper Greek day the other day, without really meaning to. I sat there scoffing a Gyros, then had some Greek yoghurt afterwards. Just as this unintentional situation dawned on me, the game on TV (Bristol City vs West Ham) mentioned the Greek centre back who plays for West Ham. I forget his name. Anyway, it made me think “I like Greece”. Then today, I get informed of football pioneers Admiral pairing up with Greek Super League club Volos FC.

When it comes to Greek football, the fanaticism of the fans is well known, and a few names stand out. Volos isn’t one of them, however, certainly not on an international level. But as a fan of a team that is similarly overshadowed by bigger, richer rivals, I feel their pain and am here to endorse their latest creative endeavour.

Of course, Admiral has maritime connections, so it’s pretty fitting that they should be the brand to partner up with Volos FC on a project that celebrates the coastal legacy of the historic port city.

The home shirt for the 2023-24 season features a classic red and blue stripe design,while the away kit opts for a solid red design.

In addition, the club presents a third variant in solid blue,along with a walk-out track jacket,all proudly displaying the iconic Admiral logo.

Club’s are becoming more and more brand aware, even outside of the most famous and celebrated clubs. Gone are the days of traditional sportswear shoots. Makes sense when you think about it.

Mark Smith

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