Adsum SS17

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There’s so much great gear arriving at the moment, it feels like we’re being spoiled with an embarrassment of jacket based riches. I’m not remotely embarrassed to go off on one about just how amazing the collection from Adsum is though. Having got one of their lightweight Anoraks around this time last year, it’s been one of my ‘go to’ jackets ever since (see also the 6876 Brecon and Battenwear Cloudburster). You know the type of jacket I mean, the one that you don’t have to run through a extensive suitability checklist before  you’ll consider wearing it. One that will see you safely through various environments and climates whilst looking great with just about any combination of clothing and footwear that you’ve got on. pretty much the same can be can be said for Adsum’s entire SS17 collection, which has a super strong contemporary and modern design feel whilst also being incredibly versatile and well made. As you can tell I’m a big fan of this New York based brand and once you get hold of some it I’m pretty sure that you will be too.

Check it out for yourself at Oi Polloi here.


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