Adsum – Your New Favourite Pair of Jeans

Are we all ready to tentatively step back into denim yet? Because we will, it’s inevitable.

In preparation for this certainty, Adsum have been quietly evolving their own offering of jeans in the last year and it’s about time we shared some of the details.

Clearly connoisseurs of the genre, Adsum’s offering utilises a sturdy 14oz denim base, which they in turn perform various wash techniques and processes on. From stone washing and moderately rinsing a raw denim base to overdyeing a PFD denim base in a seasonal Gazer Slate tone for SS23—they have built a year round offering of denim that will continue to get better the more you wear and break in over time. That’s what all denim should do isn’t it?

In the past, the likes of A.P.C have stuck their noses into what was often a very heritage-heavy scene and managed to find favour. Adsum could be here to do something similar, speculating that their denim could “become your go-to’s for years to come.”

See more Adsum denim here

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