Albam Lighter Weight Jean Jacket

Ah the jean jacket. Preserve of Status Quo types and toddlers on council estates. Plus, oddly, some of the coolest cucumbers of the 20th century. Not cucumbers, actors, musicians etc. You know what I mean. Steve McQueen, Ralph Lauren, all them guys. Plus that rapper wore one recently. What’s his name? Ken West?

Anyway, this effort from Albam is a far cooler graduation from what you’re used to seeing in a denim jacket. For a start, the name ‘Jean Jacket’ has to be for a reason. This is workwear style denim jacket has overtones of Post O’alls albeit with an English (Oliver) twist.

It moves too. Look at the one on the right.

The buttons are made from Corozo nut, which are both nicer and also harder wearing than synthetic alternatives. The fit remains quite traditional letting you show off a bit of waistband with the  jacket sitting higher up.

All in all, a premium take on a  traditional jacket. Typical of Albam.

Get on it here.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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