Albam Squall Parka

We’ve spent the last couple of months teeing up Autumn/Winter stuff here on the site and as December arrives, you can bet all the best brands will want their Spring/Summer stock showcasing a few months in advance.

Here though, we have something a bit different. This is an Autumn/Winter/Spring garment and is already entrenched into the Albam ID as one of their standout items. Or ‘pieces’ if you’re one of those people who calls coats ‘pieces’.

The red colour of the latest Squall Parka is ideal for attention seekers and people who aren’t very good at crossing the road. Proper ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ tackle is this.

That versatility is its main attraction though. Lined with mesh for breathability, the outer is made from an Italian panama weave fabric which makes it showerproof too. While the silhouette might be pretty classic, the detailing is very much contemporary. There’s a hidden headphone pocket and looper system for a start. All in all another nice garment from Albam, just as you’d expect.

Three colours are available: Rescue Red, Fern Green & Navy,

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