Albam x Aiguille Midi Bags

I’m not normally the type of notright weirdo who takes a rucksack on a night out. But I did exactly that last weekend. It wasn’t part of the plan. I didn’t intend on staying out late but one thing led to another and I rolled in at 2am, with (I thought) rucksack intact, unlike my mind. Fast forward to this morning and that horrible blind panic when you think you’ve lost a treasured item and everything within it. I couldn’t find my bag. My Topo Designs rucksack is the best I’ve owned to date but after a frantic search I became resigned to life without it. Then I spent all afternoon moping. That was until an email dropped into my inbox containing these beauties. I had a ready made replacement lined up.

Albam have been around a number of years now and we’ve loved them from the start. They just remind us of cool Dads and stylish people who have no wish to be considered as such. Since the early years of Fisherman’s cagoules and natty knitwear they’ve developed a welcome habit of creating alliterative collaborations. First it was with Assembly Room furniture, and now they’ve hooked up with Aiguille.

Respected for their work with outdoor gear, Aiguille aren’t the type of brand you’ll commonly find in a high street fashion emporium.¬†Their backpacks and holdalls are designed to withstand the very worst Mother Nature can wickedly fling at them. With weatherproof nylon and a signature weatherproof RiRi zipper (underneath the flap on the Midi). There’s a fair bit of thought that’s gone into the Midi backpacks.

You’ve seen the pics, read the blurb and you’re probably patting down your paypal account in anticipation of them being bank breakers. Well, they’re not. ¬£89 is the price which in comparison to many of the more ‘fashion’ style creations is a bigger steal than my Topo Designs bag, which some lucky bleeder got for free last week.


These are available in Admiral Blue, Dark Grey, Mid Blue & Orange.


*edit- The Topo bag turned up. Someone hid it behind the front door. I’m still getting one of these Albam x Aiguille bags though, you just try and bloody stop me.



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