All Crocodiles are Green but only one is Lacoste

Sometimes these posts write themselves.

We might no longer be official mates with Europe, but our appreciation for their output in the fashion stakes remains unblemished. The latest example of this is fancy French brand Lacoste, doing their thing in a way only they seem able to. Much like our own Fred Perry, Lacoste was formed by a sportsman with an eye on being nicely turned out.

I’d usually be quite keen to point out brands should stay in their lane and focus on the items they’re most famous for. We’ve all seen enough Ben Sherman shoes to realise they should stick to shirts of a certain type, and nothing else. The same can’t be said for Lacoste however. Like Ralph Lauren, they do a fantastic job of cotton pique garments with nice collars on them, but that’s the hero product for a brand that represents so much more.

Italians are known for their sense of style, but our friends at Fresh take a wider, more worldly view on this. Sure, they stock Italian brands but their brand mix takes in more than just those native to The Boot.

That’s why Lacoste fits in. Their latest drop encompasses all the things we’ve come to expect from a brand that continues to tastefully reinvent itself, season on season, never severing its link back to its roots, but never making that their entire raison d’ĂȘtre either.

This t-shirt boasts a typically unique message, seemingly pointed at the many brands who have tried to ape their style. Anything with more than a couple of fonts is usually off-putting but this weird ransom note aesthetic actually works.

I look forward to getting my passport out and reacquainting myself with the mainland Europe soon enough. The colour of the passport may have changed but our appreciation of those countries we used to call cousins definitely hasn’t.

Check out all Lacoste at Fresh here.

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