All That Is Left – Purple People Eater Jacket

Designed and manufactured in New York, All That Is Left is a brand with English roots. The two guys behind it were born this side of the pond but now reside stateside. Using their various skills and experience, Patrick and Mitchell have combined to create something of a passion project. Small minimums and high costs mean they won’t be retiring with the proceeds of ATIL any time soon, but that’s not their aim. At least not for now.

“We tend to design things that we would want to wear ourselves or that we could see certain friends or local characters wearing” explains Patrick.

“We currently work with some factories that are prepared to manufacture some very small minimums for us, but hopefully we can grow this when the time is right as it seems the logical progression. I’d like to see us in a few key accounts within the next two to three years regardless of how successful our webshop is, as to me there’s no substitute for brick and mortar shops when it comes to clothing. How else can you feel a fabric or try something on instantly?”

Take this Japanese Nylon beauty as a starting point and delve into their collection further on their website.

A definite one to watch.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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