An Acne Studios T-shirt is a Humble Brag

The thing about Acne Studios is that it’s often rather humble with its design. You don’t often find huge logos or spell outs or brazen attempts to brag. But the other thing is: you’ve just spent close to two hundred beans on a t-shirt and you want the people to know. You’re at a fashion impasse. 

“Hi, oh, wow I like your t-shirt, where did-” 

ACNE, you respond. 

No one wants to jump the gun like that. Solution? Acne brands their neckline, ensuring that the brand name is almost always visible. Wearing a shirt? The neckline pokes through. A jumper – still visible. 

Now, fortunately, you don’t have to shout it from the rafters, while simultaneously avoiding the overt exercise of logomania.

“Yes, it’s Acne, how could you tell?” 

Shop the excellent selection of Acne at John Anthony. 

Acne Studios at John Anthony.

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