An Elegant Homeware Round-Up From Hay

Yesterday I booked a flight to Bucharest for the weekend. Why Bucharest? Well, it might be because return flights for two were £23 all in. Flats are also equally cheap. What struck me the most when I scrolled through AirBnB was how Scandi-minimalist the flats were. Lots of greys and monotones; exposed concrete punctuated with large leaved house plants raised up on stools; minimalist chairs spaciously occupying large, open corners; tables adorned with the tiniest, centred decorations. It’s this last point that is explicitly relevant, because Hay just popped up with their homeware round up and I swear I’ve seen a few of those bits on some of those Airbnb tables. 

Maybe it’s this Amber Paperweight, which while definitely being adept at weighing down paper, also feels like it knows what the future has in store for us. The motion that the curves conjure makes me feel like it’s moving, and that’s exactly what you want from a central ornament. 

Perhaps this 30 minute Sand Timer, in typically Scandi grey and black, sat next to the hob, ready to be absolutely useless at helping you cook. 

There’s also this Pillar Candle, which, like a Berghaus jacket, is an excellent lesson in colourblocking. Unlike a Berghaus, though, when you burn each layer, you’ll get a different coloured wax building up, turning the spillage into a beautiful blend of orange, grey, and blue. Mind you, I haven’t set a Berghaus on fire in a while – so who’s to know?

Lastly, there’s this sleek blue Sowden Bottle, which is as bright as Yves Klein Blue, and this handblown Splash Vase, which is textured and iridescent and guaranteed to make you feel all grown-up. Why don’t you put some of that money aside that you were saving for the next big winter jacket and buy some decorations for the house instead?

Browse all of Hay’s homeware at Pockets.

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