And Wander Kevlar Walking Shorts

…for when water-resistance isn’t enough. 

Not long ago we spoke a little bit about the benefits of kevlar in this And Wander Kevlar vest. The idea is that lots of aramids – a super tough fibre – get loaded into what you imagine in your head when you think of a kevlar vest. Loads of aramids bonded to other fabrics produce Rainbow Six-type stuff. But if you blend small amounts of aramids into a nylon, like in these shorts, then you get to take advantage of the fibre’s resistance properties without compromising on other qualities like flexibility. 

So while the shorts aren’t going to protect you from the pointy end of a knife, they will protect you from the spikey side of a bramble, and well, they’re And Wander, so you’ve got the comfort of reflective detailing and all-round outdoor reliability. 

Get them at John Anthony.

And Wander Kevlar at John Anthony.

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