Anerkjendt Q&A – Catching up with Jesper Møller Christiansen

Anerkjendt is one of those brands that regularly pops up and demands our interest, even if our uncultured English tongues are never quite sure how to pronounce it. For the record, having spoken to them recently, it’s not far off ‘Anakin’, like the Star Wars guy.

When they’re not confusing people with a lack of Scandi speaking skills, they spend their time making really nice clothing that from the outside at least feels at home with its Danish surroundings. And yet, SS24 takes inspiration from Marrakech.

With an increasing thirst to find out more about this brand, we hooked up a little Q&A with Anerkjendt‘s Brand Manager, Jesper Møller Christiansen. Scroll down to read what he had to say.

Tell us about the story so far for Anerkjendt, how long has it been around?

The brand was launched in 2011. It started with the philosophy that we should do things a little bit differently from what was happening in Scandinavia and having fabrics and colours that were not necessarily clean and subtle in terms of aesthetics. All this mixed with one of our key pillars – workwear. 

Who are the people behind the brand?

To put it simply, we are all passionate product people!

Where does inspiration come from for each collection?

First and foremost we are inspired by people and their craft, which means inspiration comes from pretty much everywhere and anywhere. Inspiration can come from a trip to Marrakech – which we did recently for a shoot, choosing our subjects/models from the city –  through to an Instagram post or an old passionate carpenter from central Denmark. 

Denmark is home for you. It’s a nation known for design. What is it about your country and indeed Scandinavia that creates such an appreciation for things that look nice?

I would say it’s because we spend so much time in and around our homes. The home is where Scandinavians like to socialise and create their life around, like a social hub. By doing this, we appreciate good design, especially at homes and how we dress is an extension of that I guess.

I’ve been to Copenhagen twice, but both times were in winter. What is summer like in Denmark? Lots of outdoor appreciation?

Summer in Denmark can be lovely, is the time of year we spend outdoors, but just like the UK it can be a bit temperamental with the weather. When the weather is good in Denmark during summer, then it’s very hard to beat. Great atmosphere, fantastic places to eat, drink, visit etc..

A lot activities involve the water. We are so privileged to always be just an hour away from the ocean, more or less wherever you live in Denmark.

How do you relax and unwind?

Spending time with family and friends is how must of us like to unwind in Denmark

Can you tell us more about your current range?

Anerkjendt is a full range brand making everything from outerwear to caps. When we go from season to season, we always try to raise the bar in each category.

The current SS24 season is inspired by Marrakech. We have taken some of their ancient patterns and re-imagined them in new, interesting pattens used on shirts as well as printed T-shirts that are inspired by the famous marketplace in central Medina etc…

New for the upcoming collections, is a super relaxed suit, in a rip-stop cotton – it’s quality!

You describe your brand as modern heritage, which sounds like a deliberate contradiction. What does it mean to you?

It’s a mindset.

It’s a description for paying homage to our heritage, but that we need to move forward.

Taking inspiration from the past, but to make it more relevant.

See more on Anerkjendt at their website here

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