Anonymous Ism 5 Color Socks

Yeah I know… I wrote “color”. I know it’s the American English spelling. But when in Rome and all that? Or in this case when looking at a U.S-based website… and all that.

I’ve got this thing about socks, me. A lot of people will happily put down a week’s wages on a nice new jacket then wear any old shite between their feet and their shoes. I’m much too OCD for such a slapdash attitude towards socks. If I need to satisfy my appetite for something really ace and new, and my bank account is going through a lean spell (i.e all the time) then socks are my solace. They’re my way out. They give me something to live for, socks do.

Not just any old socks though, posh ones. While Wigwams remain a staple in our house, it’s nice to mix things up a bit. Plus, as is the custom with any socks, some disappear never to be seen again don’t they? I don’t get it. Do they sneak out for a cig when you’re not looking, then never bother to come back? Are they kidnapped and chained to a radiator, Terry Waite style?  Or do they just fall behind the radiator while drying? I should look.

Either way, the orphaning of socks is no good. Having one good sock is pointless unless you’re in the habit of wearing odd socks. So you have to start the cycle again. Buy more nice socks. That’s what I do anyway, starting with these wooly wonders from  Need Supply.

1001553_blue1 1001553_green 1001553_red

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