APC at Slam Jam Socialism – Proper Exclusive

Founded by Tunisian born, Jewish, Trotskyist, ex-revolutionary, Jean Touitou’s A.P.C. arrived in the late 1980s as a refreshingly anti-fashion antidote to the stifling atmosphere that prevailed at the time. Described invariably as a ‘the gobbiest man in fashion’ and the man behind ‘tasteful cool’, Touitou has invested his own strong values into APC, uncompromising and consistent. Mixing the smartest aspects of functional military garments with clean design and no huge logos, APC makes its statements in a quiet way, perhaps in contrast with its founder, who isn’t shy of expressing an opinion or two.

This gear is the kind of thing I’d wear during that gap year in Paris I never had, but should have. You can find it in all its gallic glory at Slam Jam.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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