Arc’teryx Remige Word T-Shirt at Urban Industry

They say cotton is rotten when it comes to sports clothing.

Know why?

Because it absorbs moisture. Chiefly your sweat, but rain as well. This makes the fabric heavier and causes it to cling against your skin.

You know the feeling. Minging, isn’t it? You deserve better.

Once the weather warms up and you’re off gallivanting in the great outdoors, whether that’s on a nice strenuous hike or on a jolly-good jog, you’re going to need a decent technical tee – one that keeps you feeling cool and fresh.

Enter: the Arc’teryx Remige Word T-Shirt.

It’s a no-nonsense sporty crewneck, cut for an easy-going regular fit, made from 100% polyester – the ideal shape and material for helping your skin to breathe as it should.

The fabric is even treated with a wonderful anti-odour coating, which will stop it adopting that unmistakable changing-room stink from ingrained exercise-juice. Say N.O. to B.O.

And how about the ARC’TERYX lettering across the front? Unflashy despite the contrasting colour, and just the right size. Perfectly judged. Tasteful.

Fancy one for your 2020 outdoor pursuits? Head over to Urban Industry and take your pick from two colourways:

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