Arc’teryx Veilance at Peggs and Son

British summer time. It’s almost not funny anymore. Having arrived back from my annual break last weekend, it was a nice surprise to not be shivering in shorts. Ok, so it wasn’t sweltering, but 20 degrees in the UK is something that only happens about 11 days a year or something. What we tend to get instead is a couple of days of proper sweltering conditions which get people moaning it’s too hot, and the rest of the time just overcast, muggy and slightly windy conditions. What a load of shit, eh? The threat of rain is almost ever-present, which I have to say has been great for the lawn I laid last summer, but terrible for my post holiday blues. If I hadn’t spent all my money on straw donkeys (slight cliche) I’d be seriously looking for something lightweight and summery, yet waterproof. I’d be looking squarely at Arc’teryx Veilance wouldn’t I?

Peggs and Son have a pretty generous sale on right now, not just on this brand but plenty more besides. Depending on whether you’re paid at the end of the month or you get it on the 15th, you might want to snap one of these up before they disappear. I recently did some work for a pretty big so-called heritage brand. The futuristic tech of Arc’teryx came up a few times as an example of the present and the future. So not only will it do the job but it’ll also earn you Marty McFly points in five years, when you can tell your mates passively “Oh yeah, Veilance, I was on that five years ago, lads”.






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