Aries Hikes up with ROA

Aries, the London fashion wizards, have taken ROA’s fancy Italian Alp “Andreas” hiking boot and used it as the canvas for their collaborative coming together.

Aries x ROA Hiking mashup is a match made in heaven for those who don’t mind calling clothing ‘fashion’ and authentic adventurers.

The boots come with all the standard hiking boot goodies: quick-lacing metal hooks, a pull tab on the heel, a rubber toe cap, and a sole that’s got more teeth than a crocodile’s dentist.

The thing that really caught our attention here though, is their references. British flicks like “Nuts in May” and “Sightseers”, both of which we’ve long referenced in Proper and on our own brand Hikerdelic. Gratifying to see two well respected brands are on a similar page.

These aren’t a purchase for those on the breadline but then if they were, everyone would have a pair, and we can’t be having that, can we?

Have a look at them more closely here

Mark Smith

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