Arpenteur lands at Oi Polloi

As longtime fans of Marc and Laurent’s Arpenteur, it’s always easy to talk about this gear with a smile on our face. Celebrating the end of their first decade, the Lyon brand have become known for making reliable French workwear with a hint of luxury. This stuff isn’t for your workshop (though you’re welcome to prove us wrong), it’d be more at home on a stroll along the Seine or maybe the Severn.

Highlights in this season’s offering at Oi Polloi include the ADN Jacket, a lightweight outerwear piece that is made in Arpenteur‘s native France. You’ll also find a nice edit of maritime style which puts us in mind of the Pet Shop Boys. Lots of stripes and nice shades of blue. No bad thing that, is it?

See all Arpenteur at Oi Polloi now.

Mark Smith

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