ASGco. Leeds the way

The premium heritage arm of the pioneering sportswear brand returns to a familiar Yorkshire city.

Reconnecting with its roots has been a key part of the journey of Admiral Sporting Goods. Examining the heritage of their main Admiral brand, the owners realised that to tell a largely football shirt story was to neglect arguably an even more important era in its history. Having established a contemporary line that links directly to an era of hard work and unbranded sportswear, ASG has planted its feet firmly in an era of innovation and design excellence, without ignoring the need to remain modern.

The initial idea of ASG was to redefine part of the brand’s historical provenance and remind people that before they partnered up with Don Revie and Leeds United, they had half a century of blood, sweat and tears under their belt.

Now, having established what ASG represents, they’re ready to connect the dots, marrying that previously untold story of heritage with a city that in many ways is home for them.

Though Admiral was founded near Leicester, Leeds is the place it began a whirlwind decade, kickstarting a revolution in football kits.

Now, as a bridge between their two key stories, they return to Leeds to reconnect with some of the city’s most celebrated cultural touchstones.

Using a unique graphic created by Daren Newman, the range takes inspiration from the Corn Exchange, the Yorkshire Rose and an original coat of arms of the city which is all encapsulated around the collaboration partners Brudenell Social Club, The Square Ball and Crash Records. Each represent the culture of the city which Admiral as a brand wants to honour.

The collection is online at ASG now.

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