Ashdown Workshop RAVEN Black Collection

Every man should own a nice posh piece of leather, whether it’s in the form of a wallet or other similar practical accessory or maybe something more kinky. I’m the latter (I’m not). I’ve got several very nice wallets similar to (but nowhere near as nice as) this. There’s something reassuringly heterosexual (aka masculine) about owning a good wallet. Who cares if all the cards are maxed out and the moths have squatters rights. If you’ve got some cash, use it to buy one of these and if you’ve any change left over, you’ll then have somewhere to put it.


ashdownworkshop_classic_bifold_wallet_black1 ashdownworkshop_classic_bifold_wallet_black2 coin_case_black1 detail detail1 detail2 detail3 detail4 detail5 detail6 ipad_case_black4 iphone_black1 MAIN original_bifold_wallet_black1 original_bifold_wallet_black2

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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