Asics Winter Trail Pack

I love autumn. The air seems a bit fresher, the nights get a little bit darker and all the wasps have died. Pollen has long since made itself scarce and the big coats can creep out of the wardrobe.

What to wear on our feet though? The posing pumps I’ve had on my feet all summer can’t cope with puddles without looking dead sorry for themselves, so it’s onto more sturdy sports footwear. And that’s where these Asics Winter Trail Pack come in. I love all this, me. Trainers that look like they’re made for a 7am dog walk on a Sunday morning, just around the time you start being able to see your breath in front of your face. The sort of time when you take a wooly hat out with you but it gets too hot to wear it. You know the time. Late September. Soon.

The Winter Trail Pack comes in the form of the GEL-LYTE III and the GEL SAGA and the colours are really just spot on. Get them from selected stockists, right flipping now.

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