ASUSL’s AW21 Prepares Urban Aesthetics for a Short Escape

The 2020 launched, ASUSL has revealed their unisex AW21 collection, titled “Short Escape”.

The brand continues to champion loose-fitting silhouettes with neutral tones. At the heart of the collection lies an earthy assimilation with concrete and urban environments, where the brand uses charcoal and olive and deep indigo to simultaneously camouflage but stand out. 

The collection revolves around pigment-dyed hoodies, baggy canvas pants, sweatpants, pocketed kimonos, fleeces, and a standout Herringbone wide overall, all with distinctly Japanese touches and fits. 

See some select shots from ASUSL’s AW21 Lookbook below, where the brand has taken to Tokyo’s muted streets and filled it with youthful nonchalance, autumnal cosiness, and ineffable cool. 

The collection, along with other bits like bags, utility shirts, and shorts, is available directly at ASUSL.

AW21 at ASUSL.

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