Autumnal Caps at Oi Polloi

Ahh the often thorny subject of Caps. Baseball caps if you will. Divisive beasts your baseball caps. 30 years ago London smackrats The Libertines famously slagged-off English cap-wearers in song [sic] but Pete Dochertys dead and the other one Makes sausage rolls now so it just goes to show what they knew. There are still those who decry the thought of grown men wearing the traditional US-style sporting headgear and then there are those know-the-scorers who pour scorn on the naysayers and proudly seek-out the purest platters to adorn their pates.

Autumn is the bridge season for hat-wearers. Traditionally the time of year when caps and buckets are swapped for beanies and bobbles but it’s never that simple a process. September and October are the months where headwear choices have to be made on an hourly basis. Luckily, everyone’s favourite titfer tastemakers Oi Polloi have a selection of Autumnal caps that provide both warmth, shade and cool-as-fuckness to see you through until the wool needs to take over.

Highlights include these offerings from Proper stalwarts Norse Projects and Bavarian bunch A Kind of Guise. All four here are absolute belters but the jewel is the Norse Projects Sports cap made from Corduroy (Which you would of course call ‘Manchester cloth’ if you were French). In a lush orange hue (That the Norse lads are calling ‘Pure Umber), it’s got everything you could want in a cap but somehow more. It’s got the peak, the ‘head part’, the strap at the back but when put altogether it’s got so much more. I’m going to order one right now before every Tom, Dick and Charlie Brown snaps them up.

All caps available at Oi Polloi


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