AXS Folk Technology Wideneck Anorak


AXS_MANK1_OLV_01_1024x1024I saw this brand for the first time on the @gearthereeverywhere instagram page which is run by my mate Lee. Amongst lots of traditional outerwear type bits with a slightly contemporary edge are these two Wideneck Anoraks with mad collars. They look like something a fisherman would wear to watch Sunday league football in. 

And that’s why I like them.

The brand itself takes a lead from 1960s commune life of the Bay area but with a modern take. They call it Folk Technology. It makes sense. With the clocks going back (or is it forward, I can never get my head around it all) soon, the nights will get lighter. What better way to protect yourself from midge bites and chilly evenings than one of these?

AXS_MANK1_OLV_02_1024x1024 AXS_MANK1_SBLU_01_1024x1024


Mark Smith

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