Barbour Helmswater Jacket

Is it safe to peep back on twitter yet? Have people stopped talking about how it’s “BIG JACKET WEATHER” yet? It happens at this point every year and we all do it. Even me, even though I’m taking the piss out of others who do it.

There’s something special about the nights drawing in. Pulling your collar up, the crunch of leaves under foot. Oooh, it’s good innit?

Not all good though. For a start, the thirst for a new BIG JACKET is a never ending story. Like the world’s fastest growing biker gang, there’s always a new chapter starting.

Jackets, sorry, jackets.

On my trawls and travels about the web I found myself drawn to this, via the familiar Newfangle Clothing.

In many ways the Helmswater jacket is the archetypal Barbour jacket. Stormflaps, tartan lining, cotton, polyamide, patch pockets, you name it…

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got this urge to head over to twitter to tell everyone about it.

Available fromĀ Newfangle Clothing.

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