Barbour x Ridley Scott Directors Jacket Collection

As part of their 125th anniversary celebrations and because it makes total sense Barbour has collaborated with South Shields born legendary film director and producer, Sir Ridley Scott. For the first time ever they’ve worked directly with the film legend (and his family) to develop the ultimate Director’s jacket for men and women.

Designed with practicality in mind, it presents functional outerwear for time spent outdoors. Featuring detailed finishes requested by Sir Ridley himself, together with input from his son, Luke Scott, CEO of the Ridley Scott Creative Group, the Director’s Jacket has a military style collar and roll away hood. In true Barbour style, this jacket has hand warmer pockets with additional features such as offset pockets to hold keys and a signature script lower pocket to accommodate an A4 script.

Key details on the jacket include anti-glare zips and studs designed to avoid attracting attention on film sets. An inner detachable quilt for extra warmth gives the option for the jacket to be worn across all seasons. The back label on all of the jackets features a bird illustration drawn personally by Sir Ridley and two of the studs on the jacket feature this unique bird design.

Though it’s been specifically designed with directors in mind by one of the greatest directors of his era I really want one of these. I mean I was an extra in the original Captain America movie (when it was filmed in Manchester) so that surely makes it legit for me to wear one doesn’t it?


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