Battenwear AW15 Lookbook

Our good mate Shinya has gone and done it again. Like some sort of over-zealous menswear mailman, he’s delivered the goods once again, and just in time.

While I sit here typing this listening to some dirge 90s romcom soundtrack (I’m in a coffee shop, not my bedroom) the weather outside is being typically temperamental. It’s late September, we should all be shivering and catching colds, but no, the place is deserted because everyone’s gone to the park. They’re squeezing the last out of summer like a penniless student squeezes out the last of the toothpaste. While I’m all for the sunshine, I want no part of it today. I want jacket weather. I want Battenwear. And I want it now.

Then again, the best things are always worth the wait.

Ooh, Fleet Foxes has just come on. Sadly it’s not that one called ‘Winter…’ something, but still, the vibe is there. Roll on leaf kicking season, where I’ll wear a (Battenwear) smock around the clock. All thanks to the menswear mailman.

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