Battenwear Polo Tee in Mustard, Hunter Green and Blueberry

Show me someone who dislikes Battenwear and I’ll show you a big, smelly liar. It’s one of very few brands I look at and think “Yes, I could wear that. I could wear it all. Everything they’ve done, I’d wear it all.”

Obviously not all at once, unless of course I was doing that thing people do on budget airlines when they want to save on baggage allowance. You see them at Airports, young girls wearing matching t-shirts with nicknames on, stretched over the top of about 18 bikinis and eleven maxi dresses. And they’re always from Bolton or Wigan. And nobody knows why. Nothing to do with Battenwear. I’m sure they’re reading this and wondering what on earth I’m talking about. But then, to my knowledge they’ve never flown easyjet to Spain with loads of girls from Lancashire.

I’m always digressing. I must stop. These t-shirts are great. Like, really great. Saw them close up last week and they made me do a little dance. Imagine polo shirts but with a crew neck collar. That’s these. Them, there. 

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of my talking. I’ve got some Oat So Simple to finish and some flights to book.

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Mark Smith

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