Beams Plus SS18

Now the snow has washed away and we’ve all stopped talking about it (ignore the fact i’m bringing it up again), let’s get back to the arrival of clothes a little more sun and seaside resort appropriate. Behold new Beams +.

It’s always a good sign when one brand takes up half the page on Oi Polloi’s ‘new stuff section’. In this case, Beams + has that very honour. You have a whole 5 seconds worth of Beams to scroll through. A testament to the quality of the clothes these guys keep putting out.

The highlight of the collection has to be the madras popover, ticking all the boxes. A 1/4 zip, stowable hood and pockets here, there and everywhere. It also helps that it looks like something Braveheart might of worn to Glastonbury.

Other treats include the reversible blouson, the ripstock jacket, a selection of multi-board tees and an indigo cotton knit polo. It’s all killer.

Shop the entire range over at Oi Polloi now.

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