Beat the Heat with Birkenstock

Ok, so the temperature may have started behaving itself somewhat following that record-breaking week recently, but don’t forget we’ve still got several weeks of summer left and for that, you’ll be needing something that helps your feet beat the heat.

Birkenstock has been around since 1774, which makes it pretty much the oldest brand we’ve ever written about. Woolrich are approaching 200 years, but Johann Adam Birkenstock was making comfy footwear a generation before this.

They’re the classic tale of form following function, with less focus on branding or superficial aspects of design, and everything invested into quality and comfort. With that comes a certain aesthetic that is hard to improve upon.

They’re not for everyone but the devotees to their unique type of sandals and mules will quietly go about their business, sometimes even pairing a thick hiking sock with them, if only to do in the heads of safer footwear protagonists.

Check them at Parasol anyway.

Mark Smith

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