Bedwin and the Heartbreakers SS13

It must be hard for clothing designers to come up with a new concept for each season. Or maybe not, I don’t know. I’m not a clothing designer. It’s a weird time though isn’t it? Everyone is talking technical. New Balance and Nike are adorning everyone’s feet and ‘heritage’ feels like it was years ago. Not, you know, heritage in a good way (i.e Levi’s and Filson and that) but the dozens of heritage brands which popped up out of nowhere.

I guess it comes down to whether you’re led by what you think is the next big thing, or whether you seek influence elsewhere, in slightly more interesting areas. That’s true of Bedwin and the Heartbreakers for Spring/Summer.

Their entire collection is inspired by jazz musician Chet Baker, a man whose vices would have defined his life if he wasn’t such a fucking ace musician. After a lifetime of dipping in and out of white and brown substances he finally parted this earth in 1988, aged 58. But that ‘live fast, die young’ thing is apt for him. Described as lazy, he released more than 200 albums and didn’t seem to do things by halves. Noted not just for his personality and musical flair, he was also admired for his eye for a nice item of clothing too.

Born in Yale, it’s maybe understandable that the East Coast yuppie style appealed to him, and yet he mixed it up with his own little stamps of individuality. It’s this aesthetic which has inspired Bedwin and the Heartbreakers to take heavy influence from the man and his track ‘Almost Blue’ this season. It’s nice to wear sporty shoes or a coat that’ll keep the rain off while attracting all manner of insects, but without wanting to sound like a bit of a twat, style is style. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got a trumpet/some heroin to buy…

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