Ben Lamb’s Icons make a festive return

Looking for a last minute gesture with which to offer festive cheer to a loved-one? Scratching about for something niche to pass to your kith and kin this yuletide? Or maybe you’re just in the mood to treat your actual self to some nice things after a tough year? Whatever your motivation, our long-time pal and collaborator Ben Lamb is here with some cheer in the format of his Icon cards.

Apparently, Christmas cards and the sending of them is dying out, perhaps with good reason. But these aren’t the type to gather dust then get thrown away in the first week of January and as such, they’re a sound investment.

You’ll recognise them all, and if you don’t head to Hallmark or don’t bother. Up to you tbqhwy.

Support an independent illustrator this Christmas and get yourself some of these.

Get them here, in fact. The ones you see are available, plus a few more.

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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