Black Project Arco From 6876 x C’H’C’M

6876-TWEED40698To think that not so long ago ‘Tweed’ was firmly routed as fabric of choice for the echelons of the upper working classes. Particularly worn as a way of keeping warm and dry as they undertook their country pursuits of fox bothering, trout-tickling, stag rutting or however else they satisfied their blood lust. “What, what; tallyhoe and all dat”.

Fast forward a bit, and as times change there’s been a rightful re-appropriation of this hard working, and rather fine looking cloth by the hoi-polloi (not just in Oi Polloi) as its distinctive herringbone twill pattern finds its way into our wardrobes.

Release #4 in Six Eight Seven Six’s ongoing Black Project, sees them partner with ‘cool’ NYC clothing store C’H’M’C (though cool’s by far too crap a word to use to describe them) to reproduce the classic Arco jacket from the 6876 archive.

This time the Arco has been reimagined and updated from its garment dyed cotton 2007 debut into this luxurious Harris Tweed jacket; and what a thing of rare beauty Ken McK & the New York Lads (sounding like the best early 80’s B-Boy troop we’ve never heard of) deliver.

The use of hand dyed, spun and woven 100% new Hebridean wool sees the brand revisiting its Scottish roots, whilst the fact it is manufactured in London reflects Six Eight Seven Six’s urban home.

Finished off with dead posh zips and buttons and half lined with MOD issue lining; as well as internal dual branding and the ‘famous’ Harris Tweed Orb label.

You best make your loved ones aware or at least get the Jolly Red Fat Man on the case, ’cause this is a jacket made for winter; and you’re gonna want it.

Otherwise, you’re a 100% Bad Wool.




Six Eight Seven Six


Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer

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