Yuketen Blucher are the Perfect Moccasin 

Of all of Yuketen’s artisanal leathers, the Blucher stands out. 

Yuki Matsuda moved from Osaka to Los Angeles, where he fell in love with all things Americana. Naturally, this extended not just to appreciating Americana, but to producing it. 

Matsuda is the chief of Meg Company, a sartorial umbrella that includes Monitaly, Chamula, Epperson Mountaineering and Yuketen. All of these brands are united by one theme: Japanese precision fused with American history. 

Yuketen was founded in 1989 and is an exemplary case study of how beautiful hand-cut moccasins can be. 

Saki Sato, breaking down the nature of the shoe’s build, states: “The inner workings of Yuketen’s moccasin footwear share several elements with the brands’ Goodyear-welt footwear, including the vegetable-tanned leather tuck and steel shank combination in the rear half of the shoe. These two components give the shoe structure where it’s needed, but allow the shoe to flex where necessary at the ball of the foot. The curved shape of the tuck and shank also acts as a stable bridge along the arch of the foot, dispersing pressure more evenly across the bottom of the foot and combating fatigue. The foam heel pad provides an additional layer of shock absorption while the full-length vegetable-tanned leather insole gives the wearer an all-leather footbed.” 

The Blucher, in particular, with its rubber sole, cork and chip mix, and signature flat tassels is a perfect all-rounder.

Head to Yards Store to check them out.

Yuketen Blucher at Yards Store

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