Bound teams up with Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders

The longer we find ourselves writing about clothing collaborations, the more it becomes apparent the best stuff comes from a place of authenticity and honesty. The commercial link-ups and licensing deals that populate the high street might be familiar but that’s not where the real gold lies.

Last summer, Bound’s founder Jake Messer noticed a familiar name when picking orders and realised a genuine music idol of his had just voluntarily bought something from Bound. Matt Helders is best known for his part in seven sterling albums of Arctic Monkeys. His success has taken him to L.A where he now lives, and after some mutual digital back-slapping and cementing of a friendship backstage at gigs in Europe and the UK, it’s also the place Jake headed to for these shots.

The range has been developed with Helders and the inspiration of classic Americana is clear to see. His hometown is still Sheffield though, and this is referenced in his Steel City Motocross Jacket which is one of the standout pieces of the range.

Due to release in a couple of weeks, it’s another example that doing things for the right reasons is often more likely to lead to success than cynical marketing plots.

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