Bring some colour to the grey skies with Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi aren’t known for their stealthy hues, it’s quite the opposite. If you’re in need of something to counteract the clouds and the greyness they possess, a brand like Cotopaxi is what you need.

Taking its name from Ecuador’s second-highest summit, Cotopaxi is one of an increasing number of brands that place being responsible at their very core. With their high quality, eye-catching gear, they’ve carved out a reputation for reliability, but it’s their ‘why’ rather than their ‘what’ that really underpins their brand.

In 2023, nobody needs new clothes, not really. We’ve got plenty. But as an industry, if the demand is there for people to purchase something useful with a function in mind, or just indulge in some retail therapy, the product itself is becoming less and less of a driving force. Brands are increasingly embracing their reason for existing above and beyond the desire to make money. Cotopaxi are well-placed to continue their growth, in this respect.

Founded by Davis Smith in 2014, Cotopaxi is the embodiment of its founder’s philosophy. Having grown up in North and South America, Smith found himself using lessons learned in business and in religion to create Cotopaxi.

Today, not only does the brand make smart stuff, but their entire ethos of Gear for Good sees them donate 1% of their annual revenues to their own foundation. Through this they work hard to counteract the effects poverty. Their mission as a whole is to end extreme poverty, and promote sustainability and equality. Regardless of the roots of this, these are all things most right-minded folk can get behind.

As for the clothing itself, well it might not be the thing that attracts us to a brand these days, certainly not as much as before. But Cotopaxi make some tremendous stuff, which makes buying from them even less of a decision. They make nice stuff and they look after the people and things that need looking after.

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