Buddy 2 Pocket Tote Bag







Everyone was going on about Hayley and Roy last week weren’t they?

I didn’t watch it. Coronation Street, I mean.

If I had watched it, I’d have a ready-made reference point here, after all Roy Cropper is a keen exponent of the Tote Bag.

That said, it’s probably a good thing. As if Roy would buy one of these… He’s cool but he’s not that cool.

These bags are available exclusively from Veras Shoes in red, mustard or black. Keep an eye on their site too, it’s not just nice shoes they sell but nice other things.

Buddy-Tote Buddy-Tote-Black-1 (1) Buddy-Tote-Black-1 Buddy-Tote-Red Buddy-Tote-Mustard-2 Buddy-Tote-Mustard Buddy-Tote-Black-600x600

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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